GUAM Documents (by date)

Joint Statement by the Heads of Government of the GUAM Member States

We, the Heads of Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, Reiterating our commitment to the values, principles and objectives of the ODED-GUAM enshrined in GUAM basic documents, as well as to the resolutions, decisions and recommendations of GUAM [...]


Statement of the Delegations of GUAM member states on the Secretary General’s 17th consolidated report on the Conflict in Georgia

The delegations of GUAM member states welcome the 17th consolidated report of the Secretary General on the conflict in Georgia and stress the importance of keeping the issue high on the political agenda of the Council of Europe. […]


Statement by the GUAM Secretary General during the 18th Mid-term Ministerial meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement

Mr. Chairman, Honorable Heads of Delegations, Excellences, Distinguished participants, Ladies and Gentlemen I’m honored to be invited to and to address the 18th Mid-term Ministerial meeting of the NAM on behalf of the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development-GUAM, a regional initiative of the Republic [...]


Statement of Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry regarding Russian occupation administration’s decision to hold Russia’s President election in temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea, City of Sevastopol

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine strongly condemns the decision of the Russian occupation administration to hold the elections of the President of the Russian Federation on the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the City of Sevastopol on 18 March [...]