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10 February 2021, the 13th session of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly was held in videoconference format, chaired by the Head of Milli Majlis delegation of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly.

The session was attended by parliamentary delegations of all GUAM member states, as well as the President of the Baltic Assembly, the Secretary General of TURKPA and the Secretary General of PABSEC as guests.

The Parliamentary Assembly welcomed the 13th session that took place in a spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding, demonstrated the growing significance and impact of the GUAM PA on the system of regional parliamentarism.

The Parliamentary Assembly reaffirmed the importance that the parliamentarians of the GUAM Member States attach to interaction within the Organization as a reliable platform for inter-parliamentary cooperation based on adherence to generally recognized norms and principles of international law, strategic interests and the importance of trade and economic cooperation and political interaction.

Reaffirming the decisions taken at its 12th session, the Parliamentary Assembly expressed a deep concern over the ongoing unresolved conflicts on the territories of the GUAM Member States that undermine their state sovereignty and territorial integrity, have a detrimental effect on the economic development of the territories affected by these conflicts, as well as pose a threat to regional security.

The Parliamentary Assembly emphasized the solidarity that the settlement of conflicts on the GUAM area should be carried out solely based on universally recognized principles and norms of international law, respect of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of internationally recognized borders of the GUAM Member States.

In this regard, the Parliamentary Assembly notes the importance of the trilateral statement of November 10, 2020, concerning the conflict in and around the Nagorno-Karabakh region of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and stresses that there is no alternative to the settlement of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan based on the norms and principles of international law, in particular, principles of respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of internationally recognized borders of states.

The Parliamentary Assembly emphasizes that the promotion of cooperation, stability and sustainable development in the region lays a stable basis for the implementation of global transport and energy projects in the wide area of the Caspian and Black Seas and, in the future, to the Baltic Sea, thus contributing to both the achievement of transport and energy security in Europe, and mutual access to the markets of Europe and Asia.

In this regard, the Parliamentary Assembly noted the importance of developing and implementing projects and programs focused on solving specific issues based on the implementation of the transport and transit potential of the GUAM Member States, and stressed the paramount importance of the accelerated implementation of key projects for the creation of the GUAM Transport Corridor and the GUAM Free Trade Area.

The Parliamentary Assembly noted the developed initiatives for the use of blockchain technologies by the GUAM Member States and mutual recognition of authorized economic operators, as well as the preparation of the GUAM digital transport corridor as an important step in the digitalization of transport and trade operations in the region.

Recognizing the challenges to the world and new opportunities associated with the introduction of innovative technologies, the parliamentarians called for focusing efforts on developing and strengthening sectoral cooperation between the GUAM Member States based on the adopted GUAM Plan to stimulate sectoral cooperation, as well as new forms of interaction in digital technologies and cybersecurity.

The Parliamentary Assembly discussed the current state of affairs in connection with the coronavirus pandemic in the GUAM Member States and noted the extension of quarantine as an effective measure for combating the pandemic, as well as measures taken by governments for supporting the economy. The Assembly emphasized the importance of coordinating international efforts in the context of the global nature of the pandemic and called on the GUAM partners to provide possible assistance in overcoming its consequences.

Recognizing the ongoing geopolitical changes and their impact on the economic situation in the region, contemporary challenges to security, peace and stability, the GUAM PA emphasized the role of initiatives implemented by the Member States in cooperation with the international parliamentary forums and organizations, including inter-parliamentary ones, upholding generally recognized norms and principles of international law.

The participants noted the importance of joint consolidated actions of parliamentarians of the GUAM Member States at international platforms and attraction of support from the GUAM external partners.

The Parliamentary Assembly reiterated its intention to continue, within the international cooperation, developing and strengthening of trust and partnership relations with the Baltic Assembly, the Benelux Parliament, the Nordic Council, the Visegrad Group and other international and regional inter-parliamentary associations to ensure the protection and advancement of the common interests of the GUAM Member States.

The Parliamentary Assembly reaffirmed its intention to make efforts for deepening inter-parliamentary cooperation to strengthen and expand partnerships in trade, transport and infrastructure, science and technology, customs and border services, law enforcement, disaster and emergency response, culture, tourism, youth and sports.

The Parliamentary Assembly highlighted the relevance of the agreed priorities for cooperation with the Baltic Assembly for 2020-2023 and called for their full implementation to jointly participate in regional projects and initiatives of the GUAM that have common goals and interests.

The Parliamentary Assembly took note of the results of the meetings of the relevant committees of the GUAM PA and the reports on their activity.

The Parliamentary Assembly expressed its gratitude to the Milli Majlis delegation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Secretariat of the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development – GUAM for assistance in the conduct of the Parliamentary Assembly.

The Parliamentary Assembly decided to transfer the Chairmanship in the GUAM PA to Georgia.

The dates and venue of the 14th Session of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly in 2021 will be coordinated through diplomatic channels.

Adopted on February 10, 2021.