On 15-23 November in Tokyo GUAM-Japan Workshop on tourism promotion had taken place, with the participation of GUAM member states tourism administration and travel agencies representatives, as well as program coordinator of GUAM Secretariat S.Tamirov.

Participants of the workshop had a number of meetings in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Associations of travel agents, Josai International University, guide book publisher «Diamond-Big Co. Ltd», Nagano prefecture of Japan and also with the representatives of Croatia National Tourism Office, «Air India» and «MERCORCUR» tourism promotion office in Tokyo. In framework of meetings GUAM common tour product was presented for attracting Japanese tourist and possibilities of widening cooperation in the field of tourism were discussed. For representatives of a seminar the special representative the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan on affairs GUAM Mr. N.Kanehara hosted an official dinner: ambassadors of the GUAM member-states accredited in Tokyo also participated.

Within the framework of the cultural program seminar participants enjoyed sightseeing of Tokyo and Nagano prefectures, visited theatre Kabuki and museum of Nagano Olympic games.