27 November 2019, in Kyiv, GUAM Secretary General participated in the 12th Session of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly.

We present to your attention the main points from the Statement by Ambassador Altai Efendiev, Secretary General of the Organization for Democracy & Economic Development – GUAM, made during the meeting:

– About the events in the GUAM Member States

«…We all observed important, I would say fateful, events during this year in Ukraine which through democratic electoral processes have radically changed the internal political landscape. And this happened in the conditions of the ongoing military aggression. We sincerely wish Ukraine authorities every success to all the efforts undertaken at all branches of power, to deliver on the promises made to Ukrainian people. The success of Ukraine is our common success, and we sincerely wish you national unity and consolidation to overcome all the differences and difficulties and to assure you of our full solidarity and support.

We are closely following worrying developments along the occupational borderline in Georgia. Using this opportunity would like to express solidarity with the Georgian people on the occasion of illegal detention of prominent doctor Mr. V. Gaprindashvili…»

– About two important processes within the Organization launched during the Georgian Chairmanship (2017)

«…First – the meeting of the Heads of Government of the GUAM MS… that not only has renewed and demonstrated unity, political will and commitment to the cooperation in the framework of GUAM but, most importantly, initiated the process of practical implementation of GUAM flagship initiatives…

Second – the Special meeting of the CMFA held on October 8, in Tbilisi, to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of GUAM. This meeting has launched the process of elaboration of the strategic vision of our cooperation based on the Chairman’s Vision Paper…»

– About a vision of the Organization’s role

«…The ultimate task of the process is to recalibrate and to recharge GUAM and make it relevant and adequate to the tasks and challenges that our countries and our region are facing.

Close interaction…, undoubtedly, will lead our countries to closer integration, as well as to the development of the ODED-GUAM as an important regional stakeholder and instrument for developing this increasingly important geostrategic area as the zone of peace, security, stability and development…

… We can’t afford any more of keeping our Organization on a stand-by regime, we need to act…»

– About joint initiatives regarding raising awareness about the Organization

«…GUAM Secretary General participated at the hearings at the UN Security Council dedicated to regional conflicts, initiated by Ukraine, during its Chairmanship at the UN Security Council.

…GUAM Secretary General was invited to the OSCE Permanent Council to inform members about the Organization and its activities.

…by the initiative of the Republic of Moldova, during their Chairmanship in the GUAM, we have organized a promotional meeting during the Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to raise awareness about the GUAM…»

– About the Chairmanship of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2020

«… We have the assurances of the respective authorities of Azerbaijan of their will and commitment to continue and further develop the momentum of our cooperation provided by three previous Chairmanships of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. In 2020 we will continue to focus on the implementation of our main initiatives and activities launched during the last years. And I invite all to be a part of this cooperation exciting process.…»

Full Statement of the GUAM Secretary General.