26 October 2019, in Baku, GUAM Secretary General participated in the 18th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement at which the Republic of Azerbaijan will be the Chairman during 2019-2022.

We present to your attention the main points from the Statement by Ambassador Altai Efendiev, Secretary General of the Organization for Democracy & Economic Development – GUAM, made during the Summit devoted to the actual theme «Upholding the Bandung Principles to ensure concerted and adequate response to the challenges of the contemporary world»:

– About the challenges for the contemporary international system concerning escalating tensions across the globe, a flagrant violation of international law, ignorance of the norms and principles that have been at the foundation of peaceful coexistence:

«…Regretfully, the existing system of international relations is unable and incapable to adequately address these challenges. It is obvious that in such a complicated and aggravating international environment, countries, in particular, smaller and those in transition, remain to be extremely vulnerable and highly exposed to all kinds of security threats and risks. This is, in particular pertinent, to the member states of the organization that I represent…»

– About the flagship initiatives – development of GUAM Transport Corridor and the establishment of Free Trade Area among the GUAM Member States:

«…We believe that the implementation of these initiatives will further enhance a pivotal role of the region in the emerging international connectivity architecture, since important transportation, energy and telecommunication infrastructure, crisscrossing the region, is connecting East with West and South with North. All this underpins the crucial role of the region for international peace, security and development and its role in achieving 2030 Sustainable Development Goals…»

– About the military conflicts on the territory of the GUAM Member States:

«…military conflicts on the territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine are among most protracted and dangerous in Europe… Regardless of the numerous Resolutions of the UN SC in recognition and support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of GUAM MS with respective demands, all the efforts, undertaken so far by the international community for the settlement of conflicts on the territories of GUAM MS, have not delivered satisfactory results and are not instilling optimism in foreseeable future…

…We, in GUAM, spare no efforts in mobilizing the support of the international community for the restoration of territorial integrity of the GUAM member states, de-occupation of the temporarily occupied territories, as well as safeguarding the fundamental rights of IDPs and refugees to safe and dignified return to their places of residence…

…I would like to appeal to the UN NAM constituency through your esteemed delegations, to render your valuable and necessary support to the joint initiative of GUAM MS and to co-sponsor the draft Resolution titled «Protracted conflicts in the GUAM area and their implications for international peace, security and development» at the UN General Assembly…

…As was forcefully stressed by the delegations here at the Summit, there can be no sustainable development without peace and no peace without sustainable development…»

Full Statement of the GUAM Secretary General.