24 October 2019, Altai Efendiev, GUAM Secretary General attended the opening ceremony of the Caspian Basin Studies Program for the GUAM Member States organized by ADA University Executive Education.

The Caspian Basin Studies is a certificate program that offers an opportunity for foreign diplomats and civil servants to explore and study the Caspian Basin region in-depth. Conducting such program allows implementing useful collaborative research on diplomacy, public and international affairs, business, humanities and communications.

The representatives of Diplomatic Institutions of the GUAM Member States attended in the program. During the four Program Modules, the participants got acquainted with the economic development of the Caspian states and the challenges for their economies; studied the institutions and foreign policy-making process and factors influencing on the foreign policy of the Caspian states; discussed the political and social transformations in the region; considered the dynamics of Caspian energy policy as well as national and regional strategies in energy security. Upon completion of the event, the participants will receive the certificates.