18 December 2019, in Baku, GUAM Secretary General participated in the 9th Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic Speaking Countries.

We present to your attention the main points from the Statement by Ambassador Altai Efendiev, Secretary General of the Organization for Democracy & Economic Development – GUAM, made during the meeting:

– About the cooperation between ODED-GUAM and TURKPA

«…I believe, that we should explore the possibilities of such cooperation between our Organizations, as complementary regional entities, covering vast and strategically important space of the Black Sea & the Caspian Sea basins and Central Asia…

…Cooperation in political, parliamentary, governmental and business domains constitute main pillars of GUAM. Areas of cooperation cover a wide spectrum, stretching from economic to cultural, security and humanitarian fields…»

– About unresolved conflicts on the territory of the GUAM Member States

«…The position of GUAM MS is clear-cut – the resolution of the conflicts on territories of our countries should be based on the norms and principles of international law, within internationally recognized borders…»

– About the deepening of energy and transport links between East and West

«…This vast area is emerging as an essential integral part of new connectivity architecture in energy and transport linking East and West. This architecture will allow countries of the Caspian Sea basin to overcome geographical constraints of accessing international markets, integration into the global economy, diversify its national economies to ensure their sustainability. And I believe that interaction between our Organizations could make an important contribution to these developments…»

Full Statement of the GUAM Secretary General.