On March 2, 2016, the Secretary General of the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development – GUAM, Mr. A. Efendiev, met with the Deputy Minister on European Integration of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Mr N. Movchan.

During the meeting, the Deputy Minister drew attention to the experience in conducting GUAM youth forums, and noted the importance of continuing this practice of cooperation in order to promote the idea of GUAM and in aims of promoting more active involvement of youth in the social and political processes occurring within the GUAM region, in order to build the foundations of tolerance, multiculturalism, unity of common interests and friendship.

The Parties noted the importance of this field of cooperation, and also the necessity to create a harmonised policy in the field of youth and sports between region’s countries. In this context, the Parties discussed issues concerning the possible organisation of various youth forums within the GUAM framework, and also the organisation of concerts, sporting events, etc.

In particular, the 10th anniversary of GUAM’s foundation will be celebrated this year; in this regard, the Parties agreed to organise a GUAM Youth Forum in order to promote the organisation of various actions that involve the diasporas of GUAM member states in Ukraine.

The Parties also noted the importance of the institutional consolidation of this field of cooperation within the GUAM framework, and agreed to bring this idea for consideration to the relevant GUAM working bodies. The Parties agreed to maintain contact and exchange information.