On November 26, 2012 in Tokyo, Japan, the International Workshop on study of the Japanese experience in the development of auxiliary infrastructure and highways management, organized by the Government of Japan through the GUAM-Japan, in cooperation with the International Road Transport Union (IRU), has begun it’s work.

The meeting was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, chaired by the Special Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan on GUAM. It was attended by the Ambassadors of the GUAM member states in Japan, representatives of IRU, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan, the transport ministries and departments, and the Association of International Road Carriers of GUAM as well.

The participants unanimously stressed the importance of the Workshop and its results for the economy and transport system of GUAM and the realization of their transit potential. They recognized the important contribution of the Government of Japan, and the Secretariats of the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development – GUAM and the International Road Transport Union to help resolve the most pressing problems of the region in international road transport.

During the meeting, representatives of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassadors of GUAM and other participants were informed about work carried out in recent years IRU in the development and facilitation of international road transport between Europe and Asia, including a new IRU project «Model Highway Initiative” (MHI).

Representative of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism informed participants about the principles and priorities of the State Transport Policy of Japan in the development of roads, road infrastructure and road transport. He stressed Japan’s interest in extending its experience on creating of high-quality road networks, implementation of the monitoring and maintenance of roads through public-private partnerships, and increased of financial resources to maintain the road infrastructure as well.