September 21-24, 2017, representatives of GUAM Member States took part in Tourism Expo Japan 2017 which was held in Tokyo. Participation in this event was a continuation of the agreements reached during the seminar for experts of the GUAM Member States on the promotion of tourism (February 21-29, 2017). The GUAM Member States were represented by the joint stand within the framework of the exhibition.

Also, within the framework of this event, the Black Sea Zone seminar was held on September 22, in which in addition to representatives of the GUAM Member States experts from Belarus, Bulgaria and Romania also participated. During the seminar presentations were presented in Japanese on the tourist features of the GUAM region and the measures taken to improve its competitiveness.

Participation of GUAM Member States in Tourism Expo Japan 2017

During Tourism Expo Japan 2017, business meetings were held with representatives of Japanese travel companies to discuss prospects for cooperation and attract tourists from Japan to the GUAM region.

The results of the exhibition will be discussed at the next meeting of the Working Group on Culture and Tourism in the autumn of this year.