Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Government of Georgia, Government of the Republic of Moldova, and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, hereinafter referred to as “Parties”,

striving for further strengthening and developing fruitful cooperation and mutual assistance in the field of nuclear and radiation safety regulation,

realizing the importance of combining efforts and popularizing positive experience of introduction of advanced regulating approaches and principles in the field of nuclear and radiation safety based on international standards and science and technology development,

being guided by international standards of, and requirements for, radiation protection of the population and natural environment, safety in the field of handling radioactive wastes, radioactive sources of ionizing radiation, including their physical protection,

confirming commitment to the Code of Conduct in the Field of Safety and Integrity of Radioactive Sources,

considering that GUAM Member-States are members of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),

have agreed as follows:

Article 1
Memorandum’s Objectives

Parties shall develop cooperation in the field of nuclear and radiation safety regulation in order to:

  • develop and improve legislative framework and national infrastructure in the field of nuclear and radiation safety regulation;
  • design coordinated actions in response to man-made emergencies;
  • strengthen safety and protection against current threats, including terrorism and unauthorized displacement of nuclear and radioactive materials.

Article 2
Competent Authorities

Parties’ competent authorities in charge of the implementation of the present Memorandum shall be:

  • Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan,
  • Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia,
  • National Agency for Regulation of Radiation and Nuclear Activities of the Republic of Moldova,
  • State Committee for Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine.

Article 3
Major Areas of Cooperation

The following shall be major areas of cooperation:

  • exchange of information on legislative support for regulatory activities in the field of nuclear and radiation safety;
  • exchange of experience in the field of practical response to nuclear or radiation accidents, including based on procedures and methods as set forth in IAEA’s technical documents;
  • exchange of experience in the field of handling ionizing radiation sources, including ensuring their integrity, as well as radioactive wastes and nuclear materials, inclusive of procedures for licensing, registering, and controlling their displacements;
  • interaction in the course of implementation of IAEA’s regional projects;
  • timely mutual information on any accident affecting nuclear and radiation safety in the territories of GUAM Member-States taking into account the likely cross-border propagation of radioactive substances in case of their unanticipated release;
  • other cooperation areas of mutual interest.

Article 4
Forms of Cooperation

The following shall be basic forms of cooperation:

  • exchange of national reports on nuclear and radiation safety, radiation state of the environment, including reports prepared within the framework of the convention on nuclear safety and joint convention on safe handling of used nuclear fuel and safe handling of radioactive wastes;
  • creation of, and support for, informational resources in Internet network on issues of mutual interest, including through Parties’ participation in IAEA’s databases;
  • preparation of joint reports (communications, speeches) at seminars, conferences, meetings devoted to issues of mutual interest;
  • holding joint working meetings, including within the framework on international events in major areas of cooperation;
  • other forms of cooperation acceptable to Parties.

Article 5

Exchange of information under the present Memorandum shall be made in compliance with domestic laws of GUAM Member-States. Whenever it comes to information with limited access, transmitting Party should notify of the degree of confidentiality/ secrecy of information. Confidential/ secret information is subject to the protection by the receiving Party.

Article 6
Intellectual Property Right

Parties shall undertake to effectively protect intellectual property in accordance with their laws.

Article 7
Amendments and Modifications

The present Memorandum shall be amended or modified upon agreement of the Parties. Any amendments or modifications should be executed in a protocol which constitutes an integral part of the present Memorandum and enters into force as prescribed in Article 11 of the present Memorandum.

Article 8
Scope of Application

  1. Parties shall promote the development of direct scientific, technical, and economic cooperation among nuclear and radiation safety regulators, organizations involved in scientific and technical support for the regulatory effort, institutes, educational institutions, enterprises, and organizations whose operation complies with the stated objectives of cooperation.
  2. The present Memorandum shall be the basis for such cooperation and conclusion of contracts (treaties, agreements) among enterprises (organizations, institutions) in accordance with laws of the Parties.

Article 9
Settlement of Disputes

Disputes which may arise in connection with application and interpretation of the present Memorandum shall be settled through negotiations and consultations between Parties.

Article 10

Parties shall appoint responsible officials and exchange contact information thereon in order to ensure coordination of cooperation and interaction within the framework of the present Memorandum.

Article 11
Entry into Force and Tenure

  1. The present Memorandum shall enter into force as of the date on which the Depositary has received the second notification that Parties have completed all required domestic procedures. In respect of the Party which submits such notification after such date, the present Memorandum enters into force as of the date on which the Depositary has received the Party’s notification.
  2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan shall be the Depositary of the present Memorandum.
  3. The present Memorandum shall be concluded for 5 (five) years. The present Memorandum may be prolonged for successive periods of five years upon consent of the Parties.
  4. A Party may withdraw from the present Memorandum by addressing a withdrawal notification to the Depositary.
  5. Withdrawal shall take effect 90 days after the Depositary has received such notification.

Article 12
Authenticity of Texts

Done at Baku this seventeenth day of June 2007 in four copies, each of them in Russian and English, both texts being equally authentic. Whenever any differences in interpretation of texts occur, the English text shall prevail.