Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan,

Ministry of Culture, Monuments Protection, and Sport of Georgia,

Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Moldova, and

Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as the “Parties”),

taking into account traditions of cultural communication and friendly relations of their peoples,

convinced that ties in the field of culture and art respond to vital interests of Parties and will contribute to further development of relations and mutual cooperation,

considering spiritual aspirations and interests of citizens residing out of the limits of their States,

striving to further development and strengthening of cooperation in the field of culture and art,

Have agreed as follows:

Article 1

Parties shall promote comprehensive development and deepening of cooperation in the field of culture and art in every possible way.

Article 2

Parties shall promote arranging and holding cultural events, projects aimed at supporting and coordinating cooperation among State, community, and creative associations in the field of culture and art.

Article 3

Parties shall be committed to contribute to implementation of joint projects in the field of culture, to invitation of professional, amateur, and folklore groups and individual performers.

Article 4

Parties shall assist in conducting joint artistic festivals and exhibitions, tours of creative groups and performers, theater performances.

Article 5

Parties shall promote in every possible way enlarging creative exchanges and interaction among groups, organizations, and associations of literature and art workers, conducting traditional days of national cultures, exchanging delegations of culture workers and specialists at national, regional, and local levels.

Article 6

Parties shall exchange experience and cooperate in the field of protection, enhancement, and utilization of historical and cultural heritage located in the territories of Parties, as well as consider holding joint events devoted to the protection of cultural heritage.

Article 7

Parties shall take necessary measures to prevent illegal outflow of cultural values from their territories to territories of GUAM Member-States and third countries.

Article 8

Parties shall arrange, within the framework of the Observatory of Cultural Policy of GUAM Member-States, systematic exchange of information in order to largely highlight current events of cultural life, historic ties among peoples living in the territories of GUAM Member-States.

Article 9

Parties shall promote further cooperation in the spirit of dialogue among cultures and civilizations, principles of tolerance and mutual respect for spiritual heritage of peoples.

Article 10

The present Protocol shall not affect obligations under international treaties to which GUAM Member-States are Parties.

Article 11

The present Protocol shall enter into force upon its signature and remain in force till 31 December 2010.

Done at Baku this seventeenth day of June 2007 in four copies, in English and Russian, all of texts being equally authentic.