On February 2, 2012, as part of his working visit to Kyiv, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Mr. Vladimir Filat, visited the GUAM Secretariat. The Secretary General of GUAM, Mr. Valeri Chechelashvili, informed the Prime Minister about the current cooperation that is taking place within the GUAM framework and the prospects for the Organization’s development.

Particular attention was paid to the implementation of projects and cooperation programs involving GUAM. It was noted that, in the last year, domestic trade in the GUAM region experienced growth of about 20%, with turnover exceeding USD 4.5 billion. In the near future, the GUAM Virtual Centre for Combating Organized Crime will implement a system for cryptographic protection. It is also planned that the Concept for the GUAM transport transit corridor will be approved at the level of the heads of respective agencies responsible for transport development in the respective GUAM member states.

During the meeting, the GUAM Secretary General emphasised the importance of implementing projects in the field of energy cooperation, as well as the necessity to consolidate efforts to achieve the peaceful settlement of conflicts within the GUAM area.

In his turn, the Prime Minister emphasised that the Organization has good prospects and supported the necessity of intensifying the work being done on the implementation of specific projects and programs of cooperation.

The GUAM Secretariat also hosted a meeting between the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova and representatives of the Moldovan Diaspora in Ukraine. During the meeting, the Prime Minister informed members of the Diaspora about the political processes occurring in the Republic of Moldova and answered a number of questions asked by members of the audience.