GUUAM Participating States, hereinafter referred to as “the Parties”, in accordance with the decisions of GUUAM Yalta Summit (6-7 June 2001) as well as in order to ensure implementation of projects in accordance with goals and directions of cooperation within GUUAM framework as envisaged by Yalta Charter of GUUAM, have agreed to establish the GUUAM Information Office in the city of Kyiv (hereinafter referred to as “the Informoffice”).

  1. Basic goals and functions of the Informoffice
    1. The basic goals of the Informoffice shall include:
      Informational support of the National Coordinators of GUUAM, state and non-state structures of GUUAM Participating States in realization of cooperation in the following spheres:

      • Economic cooperation;
      • Political cooperation;
      • Cultural and humanitarian cooperation.
    2. The basic functions of the Informoffice shall include:
      • Informational support of realization of activities, which have been coordinated among the Parties, within the framework of existing programs of cooperation and in accordance with GUUAM Action Plan;
      • Support of activities of the National Coordinators related to:
        1. Drafting and coordination of proposals of the Parties as well as of business entities related to improvement of efficiency of cooperation within the framework of the programs under implementation;
        2. Drafting and coordination of proposals related to further deepening of cooperation within GUUAM framework, which shall be submitted for consideration and approval of state authorities of the Parties.
      • Maintenance, on the basis of decisions of GUUAM bodies, of working contacts with informational and business entities of those States, which are not GUUAM participants, but take part in implementation of specific GUUAM cooperation programs, in order to provide them with necessary information, as well as to collect and generalize proposals regarding cooperation and preparation of the said proposals for presentation for consideration by relevant GUUAM bodies;
      • Support of preparations for meetings of Presidents and Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the GUUAM Participating States;
      • Support of dissemination of materials regarding GUUAM activities, regular meetings of Presidents, Ministers for Foreign Affairs and other officials of the GUUAM Participating States, meetings of the National Coordinators Committee (hereinafter referred to as “the NCC”) of GUUAM Participating States, decisions made, cooperation of GUUAM countries within the framework of international organizations, as well as of information regarding meetings, conferences and seminars organized within the framework of GUUAM;
      • Creation and maintenance of an open database;
      • Ensuring functioning and regular update of GUUAM website.
  2. Staff of the Informoffice
    1.  Staff of the Informoffice shall comprise 5 members, including:
      • Administrative Director of the Informoffice;
      • Three coordinators of cooperation programs within GUUAM framework;
      • Coordinator of informational programs,
      • which shall be quota posts, as well as 2-3 technical officers, who shall be hired by Administrative Director of the Informoffice on a competitive basis.
    2. Candidates for filling the posts of staff of the Informoffice shall be nominated by all GUUAM Participating States and approved at a meeting of the NCC of GUUAM.
      In order to ensure the most complete engagement of representatives of GUUAM Participating States in the work of the Informoffice on the basis of rotation, Administrative Director of the Informoffice shall be appointed for 2 years, and the rest of staff shall be appointed for 1 year.
      Staff of the Informoffice (except for technical staff) shall be funded by the sending State.
  3. The Informoffice shall act under direct guidance of the NCC of GUUAM and shall be accountable to it.
  4. The working languages of the Informoffice shall be English and Russian.
  5. The Informoffice shall be located in Kyiv, Ukraine.
  6. Ukraine shall provide the Informoffice with necessary premises in the city of Kyiv at the expense of the budget of the Informoffice.
  7. Ukraine shall provide the Informoffice and its staff members, who are not citizens of Ukraine, with accreditation at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, and shall provide the Informoffice with privileges and immunities, which are necessary for performance of its functions and are usually granted to representative offices of international organizations in Ukraine.
    Ukraine shall also provide staff members of the Informoffice, who are not citizens of Ukraine, listed in subparagraph 2.1. of paragraph 2 of this Statute (except for technical staff) with privileges and immunities usually granted to administrative and technical staff of diplomatic missions.
  8. The Informoffice shall be a legal entity, it shall have independent balance, accounts (including current account and foreign currency account) in banking establishments, seal, stamps and emblem.
  9. Budget of the Informoffice
    1. The Informoffice shall be funded by equal contributions of GUUAM Member States.
    2. Budget of the Informoffice shall be drafted by Administrative Director of the Informoffice, approved by the NCC of GUUAM in the first half of the year preceding the budget year, and submitted for consideration of the Governments of GUUAM Member States for further inclusion of respective contributions into the national budgets of each State.
    3. Economical and financial activity of the Informoffice shall be annually audited by a Commission comprised from auditors from every GUUAM Participating State. Audit report shall be approved by the NCC of GUUAM.
    4. The procedures for administrative and business activities of the Informoffice, accounting and bookkeeping, opening and use of bank accounts, hire and discharge of technical staff and other issues of routine activity shall be set in the Charter of the Informoffice, which shall be approved by the NCC of GUUAM within three months since the date of signature of this Statute.
      The Charter shall be drawn up on the basis of legislation in force in the host country of the Informoffice.
  10. This Statute may be amended and supplemented by mutual consent of the Parties. Upon submission of the NCC of GUUAM, the amendments and supplements shall be made in the form of separate protocols, which shall constitute an inalienable part of the Statute and enter into force in accordance with paragraph 11 of this Statute.
  11. This Statute shall enter into force on the date of deposit of last written notification on fulfillment by the Parties of all domestic procedures required for entry into force of this Statute.

The Depositary of this Statute shall be the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Done at Yalta on “20” July 2002 in a single copy in the English and Russian languages, both texts being equally authentic.

The signed copy shall be deposited with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, which shall send its certified copies to the Parties, which have signed this Statute.

(Entered into force 10 May 2005)