On March 15-16, 2018, the roundtable on the development of the GUAM Digital Trade Hub hosted in the GUAM Secretariat, Kyiv, which was attended by representatives of the GUAM Member States and the GUAM Secretariat.

The participants of the roundtable discussed the prospects of using digital technologies for the development of the GUAM Free Trade Area and Transport Corridor, applying electronic digital signatures as well as the possibilities of using digital trade hub by representatives of Small and Medium Enterprises of the GUAM Member States. The presentation of the joint concept of the GUAM Digital Trade Hub was held within the roundtable.

As a result of the meeting, suggestions were made on the functioning of the GUAM Digital Trade Hub and it was decided to continue work in this direction.

The roundtable also included a meeting of experts who took part in the GUAM-Japan seminar on the Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion. Within this event, the participants developed a draft proposal for possible projects in this field and agreed to provide comments and suggestions.