On 2-4 May 2011 GUAM Secretary General participated in GUAM Youth Forum held in Tbilisi.

Secretary General addressed to participants of the Forum on Plenary Session. In his speech he informed participants of the Forum about priorities of the Organization, elaboration and implementation of programs and projects of cooperation, particularly focused on relevance of active inclusion of youth from GUAM member states into these processes.

The issues of GUAM youth movement, perspective projects and cooperation programs in GUAM and GUAM+ formats were considered during the Forum.

Participants of the Forum agreed to recommend to respective government institutions to appoint representatives, responsible for cooperation in youth sphere; to communicate about the planned actions on a regular basis.

The Sides agreed to hold in GUAM Secretariat in Kyiv a meeting of experts for preparation of the design offer on formation and implementation of youth policy. According to the preliminary arrangement, the project will be presented to UNICEF for possible financing.

The Sides accepted with gratitude offer of the Georgian Side to invite 30 representatives from each GUAM country to a scout camp “Anaklia” for 10 days in August, 2011; Georgian Side will cover all expenses of stay in Georgia.

Member of non-governmental organization made presentation during the Forum. They agreed on modalities of future cooperation, with priority of interaction with European Youth organizations.