On 11 May 2010, the 6th meeting of the GUAM Working Sub-Group on Combating Drug Trafficking (WGSDT) took place in the GUAM Secretariat in Kyiv under the Azerbaijan chairmanship.The Parties exchanged information on operative situation, fulfillment of the tasks of the GUAM member states’ law-enforcement agencies in combating drug trafficking, amendments in the relevant national legislation.

WGSDT agreed the dates and other major parameters of the coordinated measures of the GUAM member states’ law-enforcement agencies in combating drug trafficking under the nickname “Narcostop-2010”. А long period of GUAM joint law-enforcement operation was determined as well as certain control points were specified along the GUAM transport corridor on the territories of all GUAM member states. A possibility of inviting a third country to the GUAM operation was also predetermined.

In parallel to the operation “Narcostop-2010”, a series of coordinated measures carried out by two or three of the GUAM member states’ law-enforcement agencies are planned.

In connection with planned activities, WGSDT forwarded the appropriate recommendations for the consideration of the GUAM Council of National Coordinators.

WGSDT approved the country-coordinator’s report on its activities in 2009, developed relevant draft chapter structure of a GUAM Information Bulletin, considered in complex the issues of regional cooperation of the GUAM member states in sphere of combating drug trafficking, including those related to the development of legal basis and GUAM cooperation with other countries and international organizations.