20-21 August 2020, the group of the Ambassadors accredited in Ukraine paid a working visit to the Kherson region at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Within the working programme of the visit, the group of Ambassadors had a meeting with the President of Ukraine Mr V. Zelensky on August 20, 2020.

In his address to the Ambassadors and representatives of the international organizations, the President V. Zelensky focused on the priority of transport infrastructure as the national development strategy for next 3-4 years and invited partner countries to take an active part in the process.

GUAM Secretary General during a brief conversation with the President V. Zelensky, in presence of Minister D. Kuleba, thanked President for attention and support to the GUAM and reiterated that in the context of his speech, priorities of Ukraine and the GUAM are a perfect match and complementing each other. Development of the GUAM Transport Corridor, based upon national transport systems of the GUAM Member States, will unleash enormous economic and transit potential of the countries and the region as a whole.

GUAM Secretary General stressed the importance of continuous and consistent efforts and coordination among the GUAM Member States in preparation of the Feasibility Study of the GUAM Transport Corridor. Secretary General informed that the request for technical support for the preparation of the Feasibility Study has been submitted to the European Commission and it is necessary that diplomatic missions of the GUAM Member States to the EU should further pursue the matter for its formalization.

It was agreed that the MFA of Ukraine and the GUAM Secretariat will coordinate efforts to that end.