28 April 2022, the Meeting of the Committees on Trade and Economic, and Legal Issues of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly were held via videoconference. The meetings were attended by parliamentary delegations of the GUAM Member States and representatives of the GUAM Secretariat.

The legislative support for the economy in a state of war/ state of emergency, in the example of Ukraine and Moldova, legal support for the implementation of international obligations regarding the sanctions regime, as well as legislative acts adopted with the aim of the economic recovery of the de-occupied territories, in the example of Azerbaijan and Ukraine, were considered at the meeting of the Committee on Trade and Economic Issues.

The legislative decisions on social protection of the population in a state of war/ state of emergency, including support for internally displaced persons, legal mechanisms that facilitate the delivery and distribution of humanitarian aid, as well as the activity of parliaments to address humanitarian issues of the restoration of de-occupied territories were discussed at the meeting of the Committee on Legal Issues.