On December 20, 2011 in Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan, the 5th Meeting of the GUAM Working Group on Energy took place under the Presidency of Azerbaijan, with the participation of representatives of the respective agencies of GUAM member states and the GUAM Secretariat.

The Sides discussed issues pertaining to preparations for the Workshop on Energy Security, being organised by Japanese partners for experts from GUAM member states. This even will take place on January 15-23, 2012 in Japan. Participants noted that a strong coordinated, unified position among member states would ensure the Workshop’s success, as well as positive results from future GUAM-Japan cooperation in the field of energy.

As a result of the meeting, the Sides decided to implement more activate cooperation between GUAM member states in the field of energy with the purpose of elaborating new projects for achieving the objectives outlined in the “GUAM Sectoral Cooperation Development Strategy” (in the chapter “Energy”).

In addition, the Sides agreed to ask the CNC to include the issue of financing for feasibility study projects in the field of transportation of natural gas (LNG) in the Black Sea-Caspian region in the agenda for discussion within the framework of the GUAM-Japan format, and to request the Japanese party for assistance in mapping out the solar and wind potential of GUAM member states as well.

The Sides supported the proposal from Azerbaijan to the effect that the Republic of Azerbaijan would play a coordinating role in the Working Group for the year 2012.

Participants agreed to hold the next meeting of the Working Group on Energy in 2012. The exact date and location for this event shall be arranged and communicated through diplomatic channels.