On December 13th the 6th Meeting of GUAM Working Group on Transport took place in GUAM Secretariat in Kyiv with the participation of respective ministries representatives of GUAM member states, Permanent Representative of Georgia in GUAM Mr. M.Antadze, members of IRU Permanent Delegation to the Eurasia region and International Road Carriers Associations of Georgia and Ukraine, GUAM Secretary General Mr. V.Chechelashvili and GUAM Program coordinator Mr. S.Temirov.

WGT considered information on realization of the Protocol of the 5th Meeting of Working group on Transport, the project of the «Conception of GUAM transport corridor development” elaborated following the comments of the Sides, issues of joining of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Republic of Moldova to the “Agreement on development of transportations of cargoes in a Baltic sea – Black sea direction». WGT expressed gratitude to IRU for the information on the project «the Road map on realization of the Transcaucasian transit potential of GUAM member states and development of the international automobile transportations in a Europe – Asia route» and has agreed to assess respective materials to prepare decisions for the next WGT Meeting.

The next WGT meeting is planned in the first half of year 2011. Date and venue will be agreed through diplomatic channels.