On 8-10 December 2010, in the GUAM Secretariat in Kyiv, the 13th meeting of the GUAM Working Group on Combating Terrorism. Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking (WGCTOC) at the level of the Deputy Heads of Ministries and Agencies was held under the chairmanship of Deputy Chief of Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia Mr. Z.Tavartkiladze with the participation of First Deputy Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Lieutenant-General V.V.Khimej, Chief of the National Central Bureau of INTERPOL in the Republic of Azerbaijan Major-General of Police S.Mirzayev, Chargé d’Affaires a.i. of the Republic of Moldova in Ukraine Mr. N.Myinya, Secretary General of GUAM Ambassador V.Chechelashvili, officers of the GUAM member states law-enforcement authorities and the GUAM Secretariat.

WGCTOC took the Report on its activities in 2010, agreed the Plan of Organizational-Practical Measures for 2011, took the Decision “On developing the GUAM single system of juridical (legal) statistical data” and “On creating WGCTOC working sub-groups for the period of 2011-2012”, according to which, in particular, the new Working Sub-Group on GUAM Judicial (Legal) Statistics was established.

WGCTOC agreed upon Draft Decision “On strengthening institutional capabilities and improvement of the activities of WGCTOC, its working sub-groups, and GUAM VLEC/IIMS” to consider it finally at the next WGCTOC meeting, draft “Recommendations on adequate levels of representation of GUAM member states within WGCTOC, its working sun-groups and GUAM VLEC/IIMS”, draft “Temporary Provision on GUAM VLEC Interstate Expert Commission” and other related documents, in accordance to which, with the purpose to improve operative interaction and coordination during the conduct of joint law-enforcement operations (measures), it is planned to establish at certain direction of combating crime such GUAM VLEC mechanisms for deepen operative cooperation as Interstate Expert Commissions.

WGCTOC agreed upon Draft Plan of Cooperation in Area on Education and Training for GUAM Member States Law-Enforcement Agencies and basic parameters of carrying out an event in connection with the start of operational functioning of GUAM IIMS encryption complex “Pelena-E”, considered some other issues and gave the appropriate instructions in this regard.

The next meeting of WGCTOC is planned to hold in the GUAM Secretariat in Kyiv in May 2011.