On November 19, 2018, the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting held the International Conference «The European Choice of Ukraine: Progress and Perspectives» in Kyiv that was attended by diplomats, representatives of the Government and State Administration, international institutions and organizations, business, media as well as academics.

The conference was dedicated to the launch of two publications: the second edition of the landmark Handbook «Deepening EU-Ukraine relations. What, why and how?» and the edited volume «The Struggle for Good Governance in Eastern Europe».

The conference aimed to promote the implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and to strengthen the European integration of Ukraine through an open debate over how the whole AA/DCFTA process develops in Ukraine with the opportunities for the expression of ideas on improving it.

During the conference, two thematic panels took place, one of which was devoted to the Association Agreement and the second to Ukraine-European Union relations in the era of the new challenges.

The panellists took an active discussion of the lessons learned as well as other issues pertaining to the perspectives of European integration, the reformation progress in Ukraine, the development of civil society and the role of international stakeholders.

On behalf of the GUAM, the Program Coordinator took part in the Conference on the invitation of the organizers. M. Melenevskyi informed on the backstage of the event about the GUAM activity to facilitate the better comprehension of the Organization’s actions in the region.