On March 5-7, 2013, the Regional Workshop for GUAM Member States ‘Improving Practices in Direct International Law Enforcement Cooperation to Detect and Investigate Money-Laundering’ was conducted in Baku, Azerbaijan. The workshop is the second within the UNODC Project that is implemented with assistance of the US Embassy in Ukraine in cooperation with the GUAM Secretariat.

The Regional Workshop brought together prosecutors, financial intelligence, law enforcement, customs and tax officers from GUAM countries, and experts from Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the USA.

International legal instruments were examined, issues of international inter-agency cooperation between competent authorities, authorized to detect/identify crime proceeds and/or investigate crimes related to their legalization, were discussed during the Workshop. Participants shared practices of organization of such cooperation. Practical issues of interaction of financial intelligence units, tax and customs authorities, police, and prosecutor’s offices were examined.