Dear Colleagues, Partners, Friends, all People of Good Will!

I’m addressing you from the centre of Kyiv, the heart of the city – Maidan. It’s 6 AM, February 26, day three of the war against Ukraine started by the Russian Federation. Kyiv is on siege. Through the night, explosions thundered on the city’s outskirts, and sporadic shooting and machine-gun bursts were already in the centre.

In a state of ultimate desperation and anger, I’m addressing you all at this critical, decisive moment not only for the future of Ukraine but for the whole civilized world, for all who want to be free, independent and live in the rules-based world.

What is unfolding in Ukraine is insane and cannot be justified. Moreover, the explanation behind the so-called “special military operation” decision is false and misleading.

The only purpose they pursue is to stop the drifting of Ukraine away towards democracy and to subjugate the whole country and its people to their will. We saw many different scenarios with the same goals across the periphery of the former USSR.

All they want is to squeeze new reality into their new far-fetched ideological doctrine aimed at restoring and keeping the empire from its further natural decay and eventual dissolution. And they do it using wars, conflicts, the threat of force, coercion, intimidation, blackmail, lies, and all sorts of manipulations.

It is a defining moment for the destiny and the future of the world, as we witness the battle between Evil & Good, if you will, with thousands of innocent lives are being sacrificed. For Good to prevail, we should act to avert the tragedy for all, including the people of the Russian Federation.

The situation is crying for action! Please don’t stay indifferent! Indifference in such a situation is a moral crime! Please raise your voice, act, and do whatever you can to stop this war, to support and help the people of Ukraine! Please, do something!


Altai Efendiev

GUAM Secretary General