On September 27, 2007 in New York the second GUAM-Poland Meeting at the level of Ministers of Foreign Affairs was held within the framework of the sixty-second session of the UN General Assembly.Delegations confirmed their strong mutual interest in developing cooperation launched during the GUAM Summit in Baku.

Poland resolutely supports GUAM’s activities, perceiving it as an effective instrument of regional cooperation that enhances the realization of major multilateral projects and European aspirations declared by the Member States of the Organization. Poland fully endorses the guiding principles of GUAM as elaborated in its statutory documents: dedication to democratic values and the rule of law, mutually advantageous economic cooperation and peaceful resolution of the protracted conflicts in the Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova. Poland confirms its strong support to the settlement of the conflicts in the GUAM States on the basis of the territorial integrity of these states within their internationally recognized borders.

The Parties agreed to hold at the end of 2007 a high-level GUAM-Poland Meeting in Warsaw to consider the prospects of expanding the GUAM-Poland cooperation in the spheres of mutual interest, in particular in transport, energy and tourism and functioning of the GUAM Free Trade Zone. Both sides expressed readiness to arrange a conference on prospects of GUAM development in conjunction with the high-level meeting in Warsaw.

Poland has also pledged its backing for the intensification of cooperation between the GUAM Member States and the EU.