We, the members of the Presidium of the Baltic Assembly, alarmed by the continuous brutal Russian attacks on Ukrainian cities and communities,

remind that the mistakes made a decade ago when Russia grossly violated international law and occupied Crimea created a sense of impunity in the aggressor that resulted in a full-scale war in Ukraine causing enormous human suffering and destruction for almost two years;

highlight the pivotal role of continued, sufficient, timely and future-planned military, financial and political support of Ukraine to allow the country to fully reclaim its territories;

encourage the parliamentarians not to underestimate the long-term consequences for the stability of Europe, the international system and all nations that value their freedom if assistance to Ukraine is not provided at a level compatible with the seriousness of the situation;

reiterate the clear support of the Baltic States for European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine;

appeal to the international community to intensify their efforts in implementing the policy of sanctions against Russia and in searching for legal ways to use the frozen Russian assets for the reconstruction of Ukraine;

call for immediate efforts in Europe to ensure the complete victory of Ukraine following the Peace Formula of the country.

President of
the Baltic Assembly
Vice President of
the Baltic Assembly
Vice President of
the Baltic Assembly
Andrius Kupcinskas
Republic of Lithuania
Jänis Vucäns
Republic of Latvia
Timo Suslov
Republic of Estonia


Riga, 19 January 2024