On June 18, 2007 in Baky, Azerbaijan, a regular GUAM-USA meeting was held within the framework of the second Summit of the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development – GUAM.

The United States reiterated its long-standing support to and interest in GUAM’s further development as regional organization and its active contribution into international affairs. The United States reaffirmed its commitment to a peaceful settlement of the unresolved conflicts in the region. The United States reaffirmed its support for the territorial integrity of the GUAM States within their internationally recognized borders.

The US Delegation commended the GUAM efforts aimed at further developing a free trade area, strengthening effective interagency cooperation and providing assistance to the Member States in nuclear and radiological safety and implementing multimodal cargo transportation. The US Delegation also commended GUAM on efforts to implement European standards and practices within the GUAM Member States, and urged that these efforts continue.

The GUAM Member States reiterated their commitment to strengthen their cooperation in consolidating democracy, increasing security and deepening economic, scientific, humanitarian and cultural relations in the GUAM region. The GUAM Ministers expressed their gratitude to the Government of the United States for providing technical and financial assistance to their Organization. The US side informed of its willingness to offer financial support at the initial phase of activity of newly established GUAM Secretariat.

The participants addressed the current state and prospects of the GUAM-US partnership. They noted with appreciation the progress achieved in advancing the GUAM-US Framework Program, namely the GUAM Virtual Center and Interstate Informational — Management System and Trade and Transport Facilitation projects and highlighted the importance of implementation of these projects. At the same time, the GUAM members underlined the efficiency of the GUAM Euro-Atlantic Advisory Team, sponsored by the United States that has proved to be instrumental in assisting implementation of the GUAM-US Framework Program, and stressed the importance of its further operation. The Parties recognized the importance of the Virtual Law Enforcement Center (VLEC) project, and committed to realizing its potential and achieving its full utilization.

The parties reaffirmed their willingness to develop joint efforts with a view to strengthen cooperation in combating international terrorism, expanding Europe-Asia Trans-Caspian links, promoting energy security through diversification of energy supplies, developing infrastructure for natural gas and oil transportation and ensuring stable economic growth and irreversible character of democratic reforms.

The GUAM Member States and US expressed satisfaction with initiation of the dialogue with Japan that will bring mutually beneficial results.
The US welcomed the interest of GUAM Member States in further deepening cooperation with the European Union in fields of mutual interest and underlined importance of the EU support to GUAM projects.

The participants pledged to reinforce political dialogue and practical cooperation between GUAM and U5. To this end, it was agreed to hold in the fall of 2007 high level expert discussions of the GUAM National Coordinators with the US State Department officials. In addition, the participants agreed to hold a GUAM-US Conference in Washington D.C. with senior GUAM and US government officials, which will review the current status of GL7AM’s affairs and priority and prospects of further GUAM-US cooperation.

The sides agreed to have a next GUAM-US meeting during the general debates of the 62nd session of the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York.