On April 21 and 22, 2005 in Chisinau, Moldova, the GUUAM Participating States and the United States met to advance their dialogue and cooperation at the Ninth Meeting of the Council of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of GUUAM Countries, on April 21, and the GUUAM Summit of Heads of State, on April 22. Ambassador Steven Mann, Senior Advisor for Eurasia, led the U.S. delegation.

The Participants addressed the current state and prospects of the GUUAM-U.S. dialogue, and commended the cooperation GUUAM and the United States have developed over the past several years.

The GUUAM Participating States noted with appreciation the progress achieved toward combating international terrorism, preventing proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and related technologies, combating organized crime, and confronting other global challenges. They affirmed their willingness to develop consolidated efforts with a view to strengthening their cooperation in these areas. The joint exploration of ways to confront these common challenges to the GUUAM Participating States and the United States constitutes an important aspect of GUUAM-U.S. cooperation.

The United States welcomed the measures being taken by GUUAM to promote the rule of law, advance democratic development, and provide for stable economic development in the participant states and in the region. The United States congratulated Moldova on its assumption of the GUUAM chair, and expressed support for GUUAM projects and for the organization’s goal of regional cooperation and development. The United States also commended GUUAM for promoting inter-parliamentary cooperation and strengthening the operation of the GUUAM Information Center in Kyiv.

The Participants noted the progress achieved in advancing the GUUAM-U.S. Framework Program, which is the product of a three-year cooperative effort to generate concrete, multilateral projects to facilitate regional security and economic development. The Participants agreed to continue their cooperation in implementing a project to facilitate trade and transport and establishing a country-based GUUAM Virtual Center with national inter-agency groups to combat terrorism, human trafficking, corruption, drug trafficking and other forms of transnational crime.

The United States has provided expert and consultative assistance to GUUAM to support the development of the projects envisioned in the GUUAM-U.S. Framework, and is pleased to see the GUUAM Summit marking the implementation phase of these efforts. The GUUAM Participating States appreciate the U.S. readiness to allocate appropriate financial resources in support of specific projects in 2005.

The Participants expressed their confidence that the transformation of GUUAM into a full-fledged organization would promote economic and social development, democratic stability and security in the GUUAM region. The Participants agreed to continue mutually beneficial cooperation, and also to explore new areas of interaction.

Chisinau,  April 22, 2005