The GUAM Parliamentary Assembly and the Baltic Assembly have adopted this Joint Statement at the 8th Session of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly, held on 11 December 2015 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The participants of the Session emphasise that in recent years, the traditional and enhanced dialogue between the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly and the Baltic Assembly has demonstrated its value and capacity in the context of the ongoing international crises. It has already contributed to a better understanding of mutual goals and objectives, as well as enhancing stability and trust within the region.

The participants express their deep concern over the aggressive actions directed against Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. They reaffirm their strong commitment to the universally recognised norms and principles of international law, the goals and objectives of the Charter of the United Nations, the provisions of the fundamental documents of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the provisions of the statutory documents of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly and the Baltic Assembly. They call upon the international community to condemn the acquisition of the territory of a sovereign state through use of force, reaffirm its commitment to the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of the internationally recognized borders of all states in the region, and act accordingly.

The participants underscore that the unresolved conflicts in the GUAM region continue to constitute a major obstacle to sustainable regional development, and declare that the states that continue to violate the fundamental principles of international law should be held responsible for their actions which threaten the international order.

The participants reaffirm their consistent position that the conflicts in the GUAM region should be settled solely on the basis of respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and the inviolability of the internationally recognised borders of UN member states. The territory of a state cannot be the subject of acquisition or military occupation resulting from the threat or use of force in violation of the relevant norms and principles of international law. No territorial acquisition resulting from war or any kind of pressure can be deemed legitimate under any circumstances. In this light, the participants confirm the fundamental value of the principles enshrined in the Joint Declaration of the Heads of State of the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development – GUAM on 23 May 2006.

The participants emphasise that they will continue to work together on the basis of shared priorities and values, while respecting the national priorities and objectives of the Member States.

The participants express their common strong belief that the interaction of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly and the Baltic Assembly will further contribute to resolving the current international crises and confirm their readiness to continue to work together to this end.

The participants underline the importance of holding common sittings of the working bodies of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly and the Baltic Assembly in order to initiate joint projects and programs of cooperation, to launch joint initiatives, and to help realise the potential of inter-parliamentary cooperation.

The participants reconfirm their support for the goals and principles enshrined in the joint documents of the Baltic Assembly and the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly that have been adopted to date.

The participants express their sincere gratitude to the Parliament of Ukraine for the traditional hospitality that was extended to them, as well as the excellent organisation of this meeting.

11 December 2015 in Kyiv, Ukraine