The GUAM CMFA Special Meeting was held on October 10, 2012 in GUAM Secretariat, in Kyiv, Ukraine, to celebrate 15th anniversary of GUAM establishment.

The Council held its session in an enlarged format with the participation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. E.Mammadyarov, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova Mr. I.Leanca, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Mr. K.Gryshchenko, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Mr. D.Jalagania, Secretary General of GUAM Mr. V.Chechelashvili and representatives of Japan (Ambassador Toichi Sakata), USA (Ambassador John Tefft) and European Commission (Ambassador Jan Tombinski).

The Council stressed that on October 10, 1997 the Heads of four States initiated the process that resulted into full-fledged regional cooperation organization with developed institutional and organizational infrastructure based on the Charter of the United Nations, especially on the principles of respect for the sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity of the States. In 15 years since its establishment, the GUAM has turned into effective institution that contributes to regional stability and integration through the projects and programs of cooperation in almost all areas, delivering results to the benefit of its nations.

The Council reviewed the work done in various fields of cooperation and emphasized its satisfaction with the results of cooperation achieved in the spheres of trade, transport and transit, struggle against trans-national threats, promotion of culture and tourism.
The Council expressed its deep regret that the protracted conflicts in the territories of GUAM states remain unsolved and continue to endanger peace, security and cooperation at both regional and European levels. The Council reaffirmed the firm position of GUAM on earliest solution of the mentioned conflicts by peaceful means in accordance with the norms and principles of international law, and resolutions and decisions adopted by international bodies in this regard.

The Council noted its satisfaction with the high-level political interaction based on shared priorities and commonality of challenges that the GUAM Member-States are faced. Solidarity, mutual trust and confidence are well routed in GUAM, constituting solid foundation for closer integration among its Members.

The Council outlined the necessity to further diversify GUAM activities leading to closer integration with the ultimate goal of common market, based on European standards, criteria, traditions and practices of cooperation.

The Council renewed its firm support for the regional cooperation in Southeastern Europe, as a driving engine towards closer integration and better stability. GUAM, gaining authority and reputation in the changing network of regional international relations, is continuously asserting its role and has an important mission to accomplish in this process.

The Council expressed its gratitude to international partners, both individual states and international organizations for supporting GUAM in implementing its statutory goals and objectives. Special gratitude goes to the most active partners of GUAM – Japan, USA, UN ODC and OECD.

The Council decided to hold its next regular session in Dublin, Ireland, in the margins of next OSCE Ministerial Meeting.