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Statement of the Presidium of the Baltic Assembly on the Situation in Ukraine

Presidium of the Baltic Assembly fully concurs with the statementsadoptedby the nationalparliamentsof the Baltic States,presidentsof the Baltic States,and speakers of the national parliaments of the Baltic Statesregarding the situation in Ukraine.

Presidiumof the Baltic Assernbly

condemns any violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine as well asmeasuresaimed at splitting Ukrainian society;

expresses its deep concern about aggression and provocations of the Russian Federationin theterritory of anothersovereigncountryandnotesthatrecentactions of the Russian Federation against Ukraine constitute a serious threat to peaceful and democratic development of the region, as well as to the global security and stability. Russia’s attacks against Ukraine under the pretext of protecting compatriots living in Ukraineareunacceptableandshouldbe stopped;

calls on the international community to take determinedand coordinatedmeasuresto stop the military aggession by the RussianFederation,as well as to prevent similar actionsin the future:

pledges on ongoing friendship among our countries and expresses unwavering support for the efforts of Ukrainian people to defend sovereignty and to restore economicandpolitical stability;

urges the RussianFederationto stop the aggressionagainstUkraine immediately;

appeals to the international community to take measuresto restore international peace and security, as well as to consider providing economic and political support to Ukraine.

6 March 2014